Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1st June 2011

Lets welcome the month of June!

Its been a month here in uniten and i kinda puzzled out my targets already.

1. Save money - I top this on the list cos' its the hardest among the others. I've spent approximately RM800 in the month of May (buying clothes, household item, books, FOOD). Yes, for this month, I'm gonna save money by going cheap on FOOD. Here's a rough plan,


cheap meals, y = RM3
Regular meals, x = RM5
Save, x - y = RM2

Assuming i will eat cheap meals 4 times a week. Approximately 12 times a month.

Savings per month, 12 ( x - y ) = 12 (2)
= RM24


maggi, y = RM1
Regular meal, x = RM5
Save, x -y = RM4

Of course I'm not gonna eat maggi everyday though, maybe just 2 times a week or else I will have white hair and cancer soon. Approximately 6 times a month.

Savings per month, 6 ( x - y ) = 6 (4)
= RM24

By cheap food, I can save around RM50 per month thats if everything goes according to plan. Food is just one of the criteria though, will be looking other ways to save money.

Target: Save RM50 from your RM500 per month.

2. Get pointer 3.75 and above (4 if possible) for my first year. This target can be related to my money saving plan as I'm planning to get a scholarship (if possible, without bonding) using my first year result to provide cushion to me and my parents finance. Always always always easier said than done though, procrastination is the thief of time, time and tide wait for no men, I should study instead of writing blogs.

Target: Score pointer 3.75 and above for 1st year

3. Get closer to God. Read the bible at least 3 times per week! No excuses! Needs no long explanation! Just do it!

Target: Read the bible 3 times per week


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sometimes silly things like this is just what keeps you going.

Perfection: It is not good enough to win, everyone else have to lose

Awesomeness: When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

And the above, seems demotivating rather than motivating.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life is hard, sometimes you feel its a bit unfair.
Sometimes its good to let out some tears, let God comfort the sad & lonely heart.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

15 day Review

Day 1 - Arrive KL and went straight to UNITEN and stayed at the residence hotel for a night. No where else to stay. Walked around the area with dad searching for decent food. Was in a very bad mood.

Day 2 - Registration day, walk the way to the admin building, get keys, and got into my apartment room. 10th floor! Decent room, everything fine except for the missing bar which was suppose to be in my closet, now i can't hang any of my shirt! Meet new friends and roommates.

Day 3 - Met even more friends!

Day 4 - Realized Sabahan and girls are extremely rare in this university. Tried football in sports talent search on real big field and with real coaches together with other african international students.O.O 10 minutes for me is already like 90 minutes. Zzzzzz....

Day 5 - Arrange timetables for first and second semester.

Day 6 - Last day of orientation! Hooray!

Day 7 - So what if its the end of orientation, there still "Orientasi Kelompok", zzzz... but i skip eventually and went shopping alone. ;) Travelled back to Melacca with cousin at the end of the day.

Day 8 - Chilling out with my cousin's friend and went to do some shopping and watch movie.

Day 9 - Went to my cousin's Catholic church, O.O which is kind of different then what I've been to and had buffet lunch for Mother's day! (I'm eating as much as I can in favour of my mom. ;)) Went back UNITEN at the end of the day...

Day 10 - First day of class, its all sweat, heat and flu. Rushing with my coursemates from building after building chasing classes.

Day 11 - Relaxed a bit because we realized that class ain't that punctual ;) and its first week! Introduction week for all classes. The day was hot!

Day 12 - Just 1 hour class today in the morning, decided to hit mines with one of my friends and do some shopping. Had dinner with Tay and took his year one text books. (FOC!)

Day13 -Had class, slept like a pig for the rest of the day.

Day 14 - No class at all! Spend the whole day online, sleep. Couldn't find anything to eat for lunch! Took my roommates instant noodles and...>< My first cellgroup, or as they called share group saved me from boredom for the day! Had a great dinner with them.

Day 15 - First day i went to church, lots of familiar faces! Interesting, already feeling like home~ Reminded me of my church in Tawau.