Monday, February 11, 2013

Pub, Beers, and stuff

Before I call it a day, here's my experience of going into a pub for the first time with my friends which I thought was a karaoke center. Here's what went through my mind.

- What? I thought we're going to sing some karaoke?
- Look at all those beers and smokes
- I shouldn't be here
- Nope, not gonna touch the beer
- Probably will just play some cards

One of my friends asked me to have a drink in which I decline, and he said: "why so holy?" I was immediately startled. The pressure to drink rose, so I finally took a sip. Shouldn't be that bad I thought. I end up drinking a glass and half because we played a game where the losers need to take a sip. Still consider light and safe though I was afraid that every time i took a sip I will get drunk and lose control of my action.  Turns out we just ordered some light beer that's all. The night ended well thank God. I was still as clear as before. 

I may sound a bit ridiculous here, maybe you are even thinking, why is this boy talking about this? There is nothing wrong with drinking, I always drink! Beer is good! 

I can't say drinking is bad, but I just choose to not do it since I don't have the urge to do so. =)