Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 New Years Resolution

The day before new year, new years eve, I sat down on my annoyingly small desk, enough to fit only my laptop and some mini sized books. It was a lonely new years eve, and so I figure out that I should do my new years resolution on that night itself. Here's it.

1. Compete 85% devotion for the year.
2. Get a smartphone, Iphone 5 16GB perhaps? (RM2,199)
3. Work part time & serve at Calvary Charismatic Church
4. Involve in one major church performance in this year
5. Give a total of RM800 to church building fund
6. Learn a piano piece, preferably a Les Miserables's song
7. Gain weight till 65kg, currently 60kg.
8. Obtain results with GPA 3.5 for every semester this year
9. Read 3 books
10. Complete the bible within this year

Its already 24th of January, and I've already struggle with devotions and bible reading since I came back to Sabah. Besides that, some of them require large amount of money. It seems hard, but not impossible. Give me strength Lord to keep this resolution going! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog Maintenance in Progress

Josh returns! The title says it all. Truth to be told there's not much maintenance to be done (no maintenance needed at all), just for the sake of making it sound official. I'm currently in my exam period, and I will return blogging again when it is all over. Here's what to expect when I return blogging.

Blogging and more blogging. I have been out for quite a while, so there will be much to share. And I'll also be posting more pictures and photos as an initiative to lighten up this dark and dull blog. Don't worry, It'll be interesting. Remember to drop again soon!