Thursday, November 18, 2010


Never have i felt such sadness and disappointment from waking up from a sleep. It was a dream which i would like to remain in forever!(How i wish inception was real) The feeling was real! Once i woke up, i knew this was one dream which i would like to remember, and so came this blog early in the morning to avoid myself forgetting about the dream.

Like the movie Inception, i didn't know where or how it started, but here goes. On my birthday, my friends came to my house and there was this certain special friend of mine which i admired ever since and we all had fun. Suddenly, we were real close and though we didn't say much, our actions do the talking for us and from then, we are in a relationship! In a relationship! And both of us continue to have fun in my house. Wow, my heart beats strongly both in dream and reality. There was this suffocating feeling which was bothering me, a strong tension. Next, like the move Inception, i didn't know how it started again, but i was certain it was after my birthday. Both of us went out after school to shopping malls and random places, out of the blue, my mom appeared! And how desperate i was to hide away from her so that this relationship can be hidden! No worries though, we had fun hiding, though eventually my mom found out about this, and the scene goes on and on. Still,in the midst of this perfect bliss, my heart beats fast, the air seems too little to breath, felt like suffocating, perhaps i was unable to believe the attachment and close bond we shared closely, wasn't able to contain everything thats happening at that time. Heart beats faster, my breath seems louder.

And eventually, i was woken up by a soft yet obvious voice which echoed from my dream. My loud breath.