Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Not gonna talk about how depressed am I nor how sad, awful or stressful am I. Here's a thing people often missed out or neglect about depression, when you get depressed, you think negatively and at the same time, your spiritual life starts crumbling. The bible tells us that we must walk in spirit and not to fulfill the lust of the flesh. Living to fulfill our physical needs does not lead to a whole and balanced life. We must grow spiritually, and depression can halt this growth and people only tend to get back on track after a LONG period of time.

Now back to depression. Depression does not affect your faith or beliefs. However, spiritually, you will feel empty, feeling that God doesn't listen to your cries and prayers. Feeling far from God, finding difficulties in experiencing His love or joy. Yet,it may be a time in your life where you need to seek Him most (and hardest). For in a state of depression, you've lost your sense of feeling and emotions. It is a testing time of your faith to God for your "feeling" just aren't there and you need to stand firm on your belief.

Pray for healing. Pray for the right helpers. Pray that God will give you strength to cope with the depression you're facing. Depression makes it hard for you to concentrate on praying or reading His word. Have others pray with or for you. Listen to music (christian music). Often a depressed person would like to avoid meetings, but worship and fellowship always help, don't avoid church service in times like this.

Building a spiritual foundation is essential. Make prayers and devotions a habit. Seek God daily, pray for guidance and wisdom in every circumstances. And when the time of trial comes, you will be able to seek God easily.=))

Monday, July 11, 2011


I've realized that when choosing and applying a university, one must do thorough research on the uni he's looking. And I also realized that besides the official website of a uni (which is very one sided), very little unofficial sites provides informations and reviews regarding the uni. So here I am putting up a big title "UNITEN INFORMATION, REVIEWS & COMMENTS", hoping that other people who wants some info and reviews about this uni will stumble here, through google perhaps.

Here's a rough preview;
-Its a university for engineering and IT!
-It's located near Kajang area
-One of the largest private University in Malaysia
-Fees considered cheap considering its an engineering university

-Well recognized throughout Malaysia (Not sure about international)
-Have multiple bonds between other companies (Ensuring students job opportunities)
-Provides state-of-the-art facilities for practical training in both engineering & IT
-Good lecturers.
-Established library.
-Good sports facilities (basketball, badminton, futsal, football, rugby, golf, swimming pool, etc)
-Have national level clubs
-Lots of scholarships provided, usually for foundation and first year degree students.
-Environmental-Friendly ( As in both students and environment)

Cons (Here comes...)
-It can be said, 80% of the students are.... BOYS. ( Don't be surprised if you didn't get to meet any girls in one semester). UNITEN is cursed.
-Poor management.
-Besides paying for the room, you'll also need to pay for the electricity. Yes, You've heard it right, you need to pay for the electricity here in University Tenaga Nasional. Small issue though.
-Slow internet speed. Around 10 to 20kbps. No wifi in apartment, you need to bring your own cable.
-Moral and Bahasa Malaysia subjects are included in counting your grade and can affect your CGPA!!

Other facts
-Known for cramping up semesters, which means no study weeks, lesser holidays, but speed up graduation.

Conclusion: If you're looking for a good engineering and IT school and fully focused on study, I highly recommend UNITEN. With UNITEN, your future is secure.