Friday, April 30, 2010

May Madness

Above is the success we had in organizing the farewell for our seniors. Hope there will be a repeat of success in the coming events.
A mixed feeling of disappointment and satisfaction, effects of my first exam of the year i guess. However, spring has come! Its May! The month where our performance in PERTENA club will mostly depend on. We'll be having a few/three major events on this month, namely the orientation camp for the incoming lower 6, SEMEGAH-kk trip programme, and the Teacher's Day celebration. All in a month! Of course we've prepared earlier and here's how it began...

The earliest event among the three, the orientation camp with the confident Koh Mui Kiak appointed as the head of this event. Me? I'm in charge of games in the camp, i was choosen probably because of my experience in organizing games in the last event. One thing that made this camp special is on the second day of this camp, we'll be going to Taman Bukit Tawau for jungle trekking and other activities.

SEMEGAH-kk trip, the most anticipated event, would be directly a week after the camp. Unfortunately, not all of the form 6 are chosen to follow this programme due to the limited amount of space available. Only 20 seats for a total of around 50+ form 6 students! So, the show begins. The range of students eligible to follow this programme is slowly reduced to 40, 30 then 20 students based on the students disciplinary record and other factors. In the end, there left around 20+ students eligible to follow this programme with 10 places left for grab! and with the other 10 places automatically taken by 10 other students who was considered active (I was one of them!), how will the 20 students be chosen to join this event? In the end, we settle for a lucky draw, with tensions rising and hearts pumping. The 10 students among the 20 were picked, happiness as well as disappointment filled the air, as well as some surprising decisions made. Finally! We're all set to go!

As for Teacher's day celebration? Nothing much to say again. Leading the event will be Aaron Raj and Caleb, and i'm still stuck with games AGAIN! Anyway, busy, busy, busy month, but one things for sure, no books will be left unturned, no exercise will be left to dust and no studies will be neglected!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time and Tide Wait For No Man

Time and tide wait for no man. It was a month ago, before my mid-year exam. Since then, i had learnt my lesson from last years exam. Do not procrastinate! Last year was a total disaster, studying in the nick of time, trying to cover every single chapter (around 10 chapters each for chemistry and physics and a mere 6 chapters for Additional maths) which i expect to give up some. And the results? As expected, 'awesome', But luckily, I'm not the only one hit with the procrastinate syndrome, even my classmates as well! So, overall i got 7th in my class out off 11th, 4th from the last. On the brighter side, Hooray! Top ten! Free Cinema tickets! From that moment, a lesson is learnt, do not procrastinate!

Time and tide wait for no man.It was the year 2010 and i'm determined not to repeat the same mistake again. I spend time studying even though its far from exam or test. I'm determine to break my own score as well as others! I have a dream, of becoming first among the eleven! Or at least first among the physics student! Yet not all is sweetness and light. Days turn into months. Procrastination is the thief of time. Indeed, procrastination is one hell of a thief, stealing time from me after few months of perseverance against any time-wastage activities. I let my guard down,and so the first test of the year came. The results? Not as bad as the previous one! An improvement in both physics and chemistry! But greedy me still dreams of being the best. I can do better if it wasn't for that procrastinate syndrome . Grrr!!

Time and tide wait for no man. It is April 21st, Wednesday. 2 days before the official MUET exam and 4 days before mid-year exam covering around 20 chapters for chemistry and physics each, and not to mention add-math! Oh my goodness!! Procrastination is the thief of time, and after some hard work throughout these few months, it still managed to steal part of my time . I admit wasting much time on unnecessary stuff and lacking on studies and revision. Lets just see how my week goes, and I'll just keep my fingers cross so that everything turns out the way i wanted it to be. And till then, I'll still be mumbling those words, "Time and tide wait for no man", hopefully this idiom can be a warning signal for those who is studying, helping you to defeat "procrastination" and save time!

Good Luck and Wish Me Luck Too! =D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Me and MUET

Its been 18 years and 4 months, and i'm finally doing my first blog. And in this very blog, i present to you the way of Joelism, which is basically what comes out from my mind. Why Joe? Its my name. Well, I'll just be posting up stuffs that randomly pops out from my mind and issues that might just twist you mind.
Since this is my first post, I'll be posting something that's happening lately, something that strikes fear into the heart of every fellow form 6 students, at least for now. Eventhough the almighty STPM may be, what every form 6 students fear most but the MUET examination shouldn't be left out as well, especially when its just A WEEK away! *Yawn*, easy paper, piece of cake, easy as ABC and God might just punish you for what you've said! There are a few definitions of MUET by Joelism. A suicide mission if it is taken by bold students unequipped with bomb-a-stic words and with a weak sense of language, or at least in English. Even for the well-equipped and English-blooded students, a good result is not guaranteed and depending on the difficulty and rarity of the question, they might stumble badly. But no worries, each of you form 6 nerds have 2 chances to get your desired result in MUET, you can take both mid-year and end of year session and choose the best result out of the two sessions. So below are some rules, or at least a word of advice from Joelism.

Do's and Don't in MUET
  • Speak out loud! Confidence is what the examiner want during speaking (and less error of course). However, if your English sucks like a 5-year old kid, you might wanna keep it low.
  • Write what you hear. Even if you don't know how to spell what you heard, just write it the way you think is right.
  • Writing, just stick to loads of article related to current issues and events. And in no time, you can write until your pen's on fire!
Thats it for today, everything's fine, until Man Utd defeat City just now, darn it! See ya next time y'all followers of Joelism.