Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mr Lee, Chan Hou, Mr Prawn

Whatup! Turns out September is just way too long for me. Will be leaving end of this month for further studies in KL. I'm gonna be an engineer!!=D (that is assuming everyone who took engineering course came out an engineer =\) I'm not really worried though, i take it as a stepping stone into something greater, not necessarily engineer.

To be honest, this freaks me out.

Well, I do miss out a lot here in my hometown Tawau, especially leaving so soon on May, I told everyone last year i was going of on September!><

Talk about last year, a lot have change since then, Its a natural growing process i guess. We've started working. Here's a hint of where i worked.

Unbelievable eh, I actually work at this very building for two months, yes its an auditing firm located on top of this KFC restaurant.

yes, that white tall building on top of KFC.

Well I don't exactly work here, I came here for an interview after Jason begged me to come work with him here and ended up being drafted to another department far from him WITH NEVER ENDING OFFICE WORK and an open office where everyone can see you (Can't slack off). THANK YOU JASON! =X

Everything there is formal, they don't call me joe, josh or joeshua, I'm known as Mr Lee there. Being called like that gives you pressure, you feel there is a high expectation on your shoulders.=.=

The time I love the most during work, is lunchtime, where I get to meet my friends. I will always remember this particular person who always ate with us, Mr Chek (hope i didn't forgot his name ><) who is in his 30's who looks like he's 25 telling us his life experience and his sad single life. But one thing I'm annoyed about him is, he'll always ask me questions about Christianity and i'll always get stuck. Maybe this is a sign that I need to read the bible more.

Always on time for work and on time to leave when the clock struck 5pm. And then here comes the rush against time to avoid to after-work traffic jam.


But then again, its an experience, thats how work is and I've no regrets. =)

My cellgroup, they need me, and I need them.=)
I've grown a lot through this cellgroup, I get to know God even more.

My group consist of people ageing from 18 to 22 or 23 i guess. Well, they can be very funny at times and they always refer me as "Chan Hou", due to reasons. My leader, Louvis, a technology know-it-all person has been very influential to me, he used to be an anti-social christian hater in the past who gradually changed into a confident God loving person. And he can sing too! Its because of him I started playing the guitar in cellgroup during praise and worship, and because of him, every member have the chance to lead in praise and worship, including me. O_O" There are others who have also been influential to me and one of them was Kevin. Again he was one who had negative past but gradually changed in God. Comparing his past and present, Its a miracle!

Yes yes, this girl in the middle A.K.A "林太" Is a big fan of.....

Similar to a friend of mine. Both crazy over this guy.

We always hangout together.

Sadly, I will be going, Thank God for them. I will be back!

So thats all! The End.

But how can I ignore my friends who have been in the same school with me! Whom I always "yamcha" with eventhough some might FFK or come late. Doesn't matter though, Tawau style!

As time flies...
The 5 Berlian gang.

One by one, each one left...

But once in a while,they come back and we regroup =) Some from KL, some from Kedah, Pahang, Penang, UK, New Zealand, Australia and... India!

We have Malays, Chinese and Indian! A very good example of 1 Malaysia!

Not forgetting the form 6 gang! Consist of different kinds of animals.
We have the famous chicken, duck, King Kong.
And the prawn. Yes, I'm Mr Prawn.

Yes, 20 years living here in Tawau, 20 years has gone so fast, lots of memories, lots of friends, lots of love. That sums up how i got those 3 different names.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mind or Heart?

Whatup! Which of these do you actually follow? Mind over heart? Or Heart over mind? Well, there's no right or wrong to this subjective topic though, read lots about it, different people different views. As for me, after a long thought about this subject, i came out with a conclusion, always make decisions where your heart and mind both agree! Actually no. For me, the mind will always be stronger than the heart due to the fact it has logical reasonings, but somehow you'll always feel unsatisfied for not following your heart. But I'm not saying that the heart has no right to make decisions. For me, the heart will always have something the mind doesn't have. Courage, the will to explore, belief. Now, if you let your brain take over, you'll not be able to explore new things due to the logical risk considered by your brain, and there will be no belief in God, well, "logically, God doesn't exists! But come'on, credits to the brain for keeping us alive, for keeping me alive for 20 years and the years to come!

I want to be an architect. The fear of a stressful architect's life came to mind. I think I want to be an engineer. But I love architect! I want to be like, "Ted Mosby (*winks eye*) the architect.

Engineer seems less busier and stressful than architecture though. Its a brain-storming and heart pounding moment. Brain won eventually. I'm an engineering to be. Guess I'm not ready to commit myself to architecture. Wait, was this my brain speaking or my heart?

Well, in the end, the heart and brain are connected in one human form. So who really cares! Its not like you'll end up having split personalities due to the brain-heart war inside you.