Sunday, September 5, 2010

I love Music

I love music. I just love music. Music is where i express my emotion, things that cannot be said. Here's how i first met music. I started out as a young, shy, quiet lil' boy, A.K.A the cool lil' boy called by my uncle and aunties. I didn't know how to express myself at that lil' age!! keeping everything to myself and not telling others except mom. My mouth just wouldn't open! I just stood still! Like a tree! Anyway, thats just an intro on what i was like when i was young. I started gettin' into music frenzy when i was in primary 6? or perhaps form 1. I don't know since when, but my voice started to turn deep, so indirectly, i suck in singing. Therefore i went for a keyboard base instrument instead. I went for organ lessons which i later regretfully quit and now trying to claw back towards having a major in the keyboard base instrument. H mm... If i had learnt piano since kindergarden, i might be working in an musical entertainment industry, become famous! and get everything i ever wanted! Haha... Nevermind. I'll just continue to practice on my Electone (electric organ) or keyboard regardless of the outcome. I just love music. Hopefully one day i can at least turn out to be a decent pianist/keyboardist.