Saturday, January 15, 2011

15th January 2011

Hey! Its been just 15 days since 2010, but it already feels like few months. Dang i miss my friends especially the ones back in form 6, haven't seen them for a long time. ='( Since i started working, i feel that I've been ignorant to whats been happening to my friends. Nooooooooooooo!!!>< I still care!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

7th January 2011

Hey! I've found a job in a furniture store and have been working so far for 3 days. One of my longest 3 days actually. My daily working hour is around 11 hours a day. With me sleeping around 7 hours a day and time taken for meals around 1 hour, i have just only 5 hours of free time at home! Despite all this, thank God I'm enjoying the fact i have a better (less dirtier job than the previous one in a food court), higher pay, and a more flexible schedule for other events such as church services and cell groups. And in terms of health, i think i'm more fit and healthier now since i'm working in a furniture store where sometimes i will be required to carry ridiculously big mattresses and sofa set, better than sitting in front of your computer the whole day refreshing facebooks and watching youtubes.=_= But the main thing i guess is, i'm learning to appreciate my time at home and my family. Spending more quality time with them.=) I've learn to promote some of the best mattress around, brands like Dunlopillo from the UK, Air Spring from the America, Getha, and so on... But to conclude, the best mattress can only be found in my home for there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.^^

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st January 2011

Hey! Its 2011! and i just knew i need to write something on this miserable piece of sheet. Now, heres i thing or two i learned from a pastor from Singapore and i intended to make this as my resolution this year, ONE of my resolutions that is. =.=

From Potential to Fulfillment!
Ever heard of a person saying to you when you're young, saying you've got long hands, you've got potential to be a great pianist. No? I do. Or someone says you look tall, you've got a great potential to be a great basketball player. No again? I do. You've got potential to be a great athlete, you've got potential to be a great leader, potential to be a great speaker, potential to be a bla bla bla... The main point here, or word is POTENTIAL. God created us with potential to be good in many things. Yes, i have the potential to be a good pianist, but the question is, was it fulfilled? Look at me today!-.- Honestly, no, i'm far from being a GREAT PIANIST despite having long fingers.

Familiar with the parable of talents? Roughly its about a master who gave each of his servant a minas, or gold, cash, or money in our own words for them to invest while he goes somewhere far. When the master returns, all his servant did invest something for the master and were rewarded with a few cities to rule. Except for one servant who was too afraid to invest that one lil' gold coin because he fear he might lose it and hide it under the ground until his master return. The master was so angry and it was a bad ending for that poor cowardly servant.=.=

So, we were given talents, potential, gifts and so on, so why not "invest" it and watch it grow into something great, something that God has already plan for you. So, this year 2011, lets turn that potential into fulfillment, or what you have will be wasted! Hate Potential! Grrrr...

Happy New Year 2011! God Bless ~^^