Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 New Years Resolution

The day before new year, new years eve, I sat down on my annoyingly small desk, enough to fit only my laptop and some mini sized books. It was a lonely new years eve, and so I figure out that I should do my new years resolution on that night itself. Here's it.

1. Compete 85% devotion for the year.
2. Get a smartphone, Iphone 5 16GB perhaps? (RM2,199)
3. Work part time & serve at Calvary Charismatic Church
4. Involve in one major church performance in this year
5. Give a total of RM800 to church building fund
6. Learn a piano piece, preferably a Les Miserables's song
7. Gain weight till 65kg, currently 60kg.
8. Obtain results with GPA 3.5 for every semester this year
9. Read 3 books
10. Complete the bible within this year

Its already 24th of January, and I've already struggle with devotions and bible reading since I came back to Sabah. Besides that, some of them require large amount of money. It seems hard, but not impossible. Give me strength Lord to keep this resolution going! 

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